What is the Marshalltown Football League (MFL)?

  • The MFL is one of the oldest, longest running and most well-respected youth football organizations in the state of Iowa.  The league was founded in the 1970's and has given thousands of kids the opportunity to play and learn the great game of football.  The MFL is fully insured, provides high quality equipment, owns their own playing fields, and provides a complete youth football league opportunity for kids in grades 1-6.

  • The purpose of the MFL is to provide participating youth with a healthful, enjoyable leisure time activity, and to foster in them the qualities of sportsmanship, team play, and integrity.

    All games are played on Saturdays at the MFL Complex in Marshalltown.  For directions, go to the MFL website (gomfl.org).  The season begins in late August/early September and runs through the end of October.  Games are scheduled with other teams from the surrounding area.  Participating communities/school districts include: Baxter, Colfax, East Marshall/GMG, Lynnville/Sully, Marshalltown, North Tama, Pella, West Marshall and other area community youth football teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more information about the BBYF or Marshalltown Football League?

  • Contact the BBYF through the Contact form on this website or via email at bondurantyouthfootball@gmail.com or contact any of the board members listed above.

Schedule of Events

Registration for the 2019 Bondurant Bluejays Youth Football (BBYF) season is currently open.

Where do the BBYF teams practice?

  • All BBYF teams practice in Bondurant either behind the junior high football field visitor bleachers or behind the baseball field right-center field between Anderson and Morris Elementary .  All games are played on Saturdays in Marshalltown at the MFL league owned fields while all practices are held in Bondurant.

Is the Bondurant Bluejays Youth Football (BBYF) organization affiliated with other local area youth football programs like the CrossPoint Crusader-YSF program?

  • No - ​The BBYF is not affiliated with other youth programs in or out of Bondurant.  The BBYF is a 501C3 non-profit organization serving the community of Bondurant, Iowa.

What is the Bondurant Bluejays Youth Football (BBYF) organization?

  • The Bondurant Bluejays Youth Football (BBYF) organization is a community youth football program open to all children and parents to participate in.  The primary mission of the BBYF is to serve the community of Bondurant by providing the best possible youth football program for the community.  The BBYF is committed to providing the best opportunities for all kids to play and learn the great game of football while offering parents and other adults in the community the opportunity to help lead and grow Bondurant Bluejays Youth Football for the future.  The BBYF is managed by a board of fairly elected members from the community of Bondurant that will help grow Bondurant's future youth football programs in the best possible fashion -organizationally, legally, financially, etc.  

Who is coaching and coordinating the BBYF-MFL program for the 2019 season?

  • The Bondurant Bluejays Youth Football (BBYF) board will be coordinating and selecting the coaches for each grade division playing in the MFL next season. 
    • President - Adam Fellers  (adam.fellers@truescience.com; 319-331-5890)
    • Vice President - Tera Oberbroekling (toberbroeckling@gmail.com; 515-508-1777)
    • ​Coaching Coordinator - Travis Olson (olson79@yahoo.com)

Where do the BBYF teams play?

  • All games are played on Saturdays at the MFL fields at the following address

    ​         ​​901 S. 6th St

​                   Marshalltown, IA 50158

​                   The fields are located at the West end of the S. 6th Street softball complex.

What age/grade teams is the BBYF offering in 2019?

  • The BBYF program is open to all kids entering 1st - 6th grade in the fall of 2019.  Please note the addition of the 6th grade team(s) to the BBYF for 2019 and beyond.

  • For the past several years Bondurant has had 1st-5th grade teams that have participated in the Marshalltown Football League (MFL), and will offer all youth football grade levels, 1st - 6th, in 2019.  

  • Parent's who's kids have participated in the MFL league in the past have shared the following positives about the Marshalltown league for participation in 2019-

        1.  Affordable registration fees -  Registration for the 2019 season is $80.  Compared with other area youth football programs the price to register one's child to play in the MFL program is very affordable.


         2.  Competition and play clock/rules -  Other programs similar in size to Bondurant like Marshalltown, West Marshall, Pella, Tama, Colfax, and other schools play in the MFL and Bondurant teams will play teams from different schools each week.  The play clock has also been mentioned as a positive in the MFL with all games for all ages consisting of four 10 minute quarters.  

        3.  All games for all ages played at same location on Saturdays - For parents that have more than one child playing youth football or with children playing in the MFL and other leagues that play on Sundays the MFL games being played on Saturday at the MFL-owned fields in Marshalltown allows them to watch all of their kid's youth football games.

       4.  Fifth and sixth grades play separate from other grade/age groups - Parents of 5th grade players have communicated that the 5th grade group not being combined with older 6th grade kids is a much safer environment for kids playing youth football at this age.  Some 6th grade boys that have begun puberty early are much larger and stronger than kids that have not yet started adolescence.  Because of greater physical disparities with kids around the junior high age some parents feel that 5th playing separate from 6th is a much safer environment for all youth players.